Technical Opportunities Conference

The Technical Opportunities Conference (TOC) is being held for 3 days this year from 10am-5pm on Sept. 15-17 in Wiegand Gym. This is a great opportunity for all students, whether they are seeking internships or full-time jobs, to talk to recruiters, pass on their resumes, get job interviews, and learn about companies they may be interested in. More information on the TOC can be found on TartanTRAK at the 'Career Fairs' link under the 'Events' tab on your TartanTRAK Homepage.

Creative Technology Nights (TechNights)

Women@SCS is about to kick off TechNights, an outreach program that focuses on exposing middle school girls to creative technologies. We hold free workshops on various areas in technology like computer animation, web design, programming, robotics, interactive medias, and more in hopes of engaging a future generation of women in technology. For more information and registration forms, visit the TechNights website. The first open house session is at 7pm on Sept. 29 in GHC 4405.

Grace Hopper Conference

The 2014 Grace Hopper Conference (GHC), the world's largest technical conference for women in computing, will take place October 8-10, in Phoenix, Arizona. Every two years, Women@SCS members go to the conference as a large group. This is one of those years, and we're very excited!

Outreach Session at Ceilidh

During this year's celebration of Homecoming and Family Weekend, otherwise known as Ceilidh Weekend, W@SCS and SCS4ALL students will lead 15 middle school children in an educational outreach session organized by CMU's Gelfand Center. The event will take place on Saturday, Oct. 11th (time TBA).